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Healthcare Innovative Technology GroupColor Art Health has the ability to transform the healthcare experience for medical professionals and patients, through the use of technology. We create healthcare environments that are functional, purposeful, and more conducive to healing through technology. With our team of professionals, we are able to provide more comprehensive technology solutions for the physical environment in healthcare facilities. This, in itself, has a direct effect on the overall healing process leading to greater patient experience, increased workplace efficiency, and cost reduction.

Healthcare Technology, Audio / Visual and Network Integration Services:

Videoconferencing allows doctors to communicate with specialists anywhere, thus making critical diagnoses faster.

Wireless Networks require medical grade mobility, demanding nothing less than uninterrupted wireless connectivity at every single point of care. Your wireless infrastructure should provide seamless mobility with solutions that streamline workflow and empower caregivers, while dramatically improving the quality of care.

VOIP Telephony offers a more effective way of integrating your telephony solution. VoIP and SIP protocols are an integral part of your Unified Communications solution, and should be manageable, reliable, flexible, and scalable.

Bedside Terminals equip patients' bedsides with modern devices for vitals monitoring, entertainment and communications.

Sound Masking allows your patients to feel valued and important enough that you took the proper steps to safeguard both their records and their conversations. Additionally, HIPAA mandates that health care facilities take reasonable measures to protect confidential personal information. This includes conversations with Doctors in their offices, registration areas and nursing stations.

Wayfinding Systems help to reduce patient stress and anxiety by improving patient flow, communication and safety.

Digital Signage helps staff overcome the tedious check-in process and other patient troubles, such as navigating the building and sitting in a waiting room for hours on end.

Lighting & Shades can dramatically reduce energy usage, contributing to an environmentally conscious
building design.

Real Time Asset Tracking systems can reduce time spent finding items and tracking down inventory such as syringes and medical tools. This, in itself, can reduce costs by millions.

Medical Grade Networks are built on the unique needs of a healthcare organization: interoperability, security, availability, productivity, and flexibility. Keeping in mind that the ultimate mission of the healthcare organization is to provide the utmost in patient care, these networks must be robust, reliable, and redundant.

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